Patient Portal

Patient Portal is a website that maintains and stores patient’s health records. It keeps a track about the details of their current medication and past health record. It also stores the appointment details. Visit site

Appointment Reminder

It reminds the patients with phone calls for timely doctor’s appointment as per their requirement. In this project, you initially have to register the patient’s personal information and fill the form as per its medication and appointment schedule. You can also generate status reports.
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Pharmacy Reminder

In this project, a reminder is sent to the patient when his/her prescription date is about to expire in order to refill their medicines. Hence this is beneficial for the patients so that they can refill them before they get over.
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For most of the women, fatigue is the first sign of pregnancy, followed closely by morning sickness. It is the most common between the fourth and fourteenth week of pregnancy and is often experienced while rising, thus the term morning sickness, but one can experience nausea at any time. Roughly three quarters of women experience nausea during the first trimester and half of all the pregnant women suffer both nausea and vomiting.
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Classic PanHealth

Panhealth is a healthcare technology and disease management service company. It has been funded by physicians with more than 25 years of experience in the US healthcare system. They continue to be part of PanHealth’s advisory board. Its products and services are bundled under a brand name of “Compliance Engine”.
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SMS Reminder

It reminds the patients with SMS and phone calls for the timely medications and doctor’s appointments as per their requirements. In this project, initially you have to register the patient’s personal information and fill the form as per patient’s medication and appointment schedule.
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