About Us

The company:

PanHealth is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic information technology specialists, health care professionals, and scientists.

Like every other American, we observed the escalating costs and the imperfect systems of health care. We committed ourselves to finding a solution. While debates and feeble attempts at reformation yielded one failure after another, our pro-active and forward thinking team designed and developed the better way to deliver effective and efficient health care while controlling cost.

We have invested over ten years in bringing the delivery of health care into the twenty first century. We have the products to facilitate inter and intra office/departmental electronic connection between all disciplines of the healthcare industry. We make HIT simple and user friendly and, most of all, our approach will drive down cost.

PanHealth securely gathers and stores healthcare data for easy dissemination. Our products encourage the practice of preventative medicine, and will improve interoperability and patient compliance. Our tools simplify the insurance involvement process, minimize the chance of medical errors, and provide up-to-date continuing education on a user specific platform. We make it easy to connect, communicate, and to monitor performance outcome.

Now that the Federal Government has mandated the implementation of HIT, what was the future of PanHealth is now present. While others have to develop the dots, determine where to place the dots, and understand how to connect the dots, we at PanHealth have completed the process. Our scientific team will continue to design and develop products that will enhance interoperability to revolutionize connection and communication in the health care industry.

PanHealth will willingly collaborate or participate in any joint venture that will result in higher quality healthcare at a minimized cost. Panhealth is destined to be a global leader in connecting all branches of the health care industry. Don’t wonder about reformation, it is here. Join PanHhealth and experience the pleasures of health care reformation.

Our Mission:

We believe that disease prevention and early intervention, coupled with interoperability and compliance, are the keys to achieving the best quality healthcare outcome, while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. PanHealth’s mission is to provide “one stop shopping” for all of the HIT tools, services, and support that will achieve quality healthcare, while reducing the cost.

Our Vision:

PanHealth’s vision is to develop and provide a globalized and integrated product, service and support health care system. Users of our system will benefit from improved communications (interoperability), enhanced compliance, and higher quality of care.

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