So These Factors Affect Medication Adherence

Medication Adherence PanHealth Reminder Services By PanHealth New Jersey USA
Medication Adherence PanHealth Reminder Services By PanHealth New Jersey USA


What factors make it easy for the patients to take their medicines regularly. Can it be said that some patients tend to be more medically compliant than others?

If yes, then PanHealth is trying to put some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together in this post.

Patient History

Practitioners and some academicians believe that patients with some medical history are more likely to be medically compliant.

Meaning, you might more regularly take medicines if you have taken in past.

Physician Involvement

Some physicians tend to show better patient management skills. They exhibit a positive attitude towards patients. The factors more likely to be associated with better adherence also include a positive relation with the physician. Counseling skills of a doctor tend to influence the patient and her relatives towards achieving better adherence.

Peer Pressure

Being a part of a similar-ailment-community almost always plays a significant role in patient adherence. Peer groups or focus communities help in cheering up patients and play support role in improving medicine adherence.

Family Pressure

Perhaps the most significant factor in medicine adherence is family pressure. It is very critical factor in adherence or non-adherence.

Patients whose families care and put pressure for taking regular medicines generally show better results in adherence

Financial Reasons

Stingy monthly budgets tend to put some pressure if medication costs are too high, which generally are. This is another major contributor to the impact on medication adherence

Patients tend to curtail medicine intake due to financial constraints and this almost always results in lower adherence numbers

Access to Medicine

If you stay far from hospitals or pharmacy, then you should be either very diligent in tracking and maintaining your medicine stocks.

PanHealth wants to improve medication adherence so that society is happier. Join us in this mission.

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